Selection of daily chemical series, mask series automatic production equipment and industrial robot suppliers

  • 1

    Is the product quality stable?

  • 2

    How is the technical ability?

  • 3

    Is the supply capacity sufficient?

  • 4

    Is service reliable?

ZhenYue Machinery

One-stop considerate service to eliminate all your concerns!

  • Product protection

    We only sell rigorously tested,
    Mature and stable automation machinery equipment and industrial robot products

  • Technical skills

    We have a high-level technical team in the same industry and have long-term focus on R&D of industrial robots and have extensive experience

  • Supply Capacity

    We produce independently and have complete equipment
    Manufacturing base for efficient production and supply of high volume orders

  • Service

    We respect the customer's every penny's contribution
    Provide permanent and efficient after-sales service to ensure maximum benefit for customers

Tailor-made for your sales and
management model
Maximize profitability
① Professional technical team, according to your company's specific situation,
② Tailored to your sales and management model
③ Maximize your profitability and create more value for you.
15 years focused on automation equipment R&D and production experience
Brand trusted!
① Focus on the development and production of automated production equipment
② Acquired national quality and service reputation AAA company,
③ Chinese market recognized as famous brand products, famous Chinese brands, etc.!
The introduction of advanced production
equipment Through international
certification Quality assurance.
① The introduction of advanced production equipment and
scientific management to ensure product quality.
② Passed the ISO9001: 2000 international standard system certification.
③ Pipe yields are controlled at more than 98%.
Perfect after-sales service system, to provide you with professional technical support!
① Permanent after-sales service: perfect after-sales service mechanism, permanent 24-hour standby, comprehensively lift your worries;
② Free Trial: A prototype free trial is available, dissatisfied with no payment, and the customer is at zero risk;
③  The equipment is free of charge for 1 year and lifelong equipment is maintained.


Dongguan Zhenyue Machinery Co., Ltd., specializes in daily chemical series and mask series automatic production equipment for many years, and is professional in experience technology. People-oriented company, pay attention to research and innovation, learn from foreign advanced automated design ideas, combined with the majority of customers' production needs, to produce automated production equipment to meet customer demand.

The company has a complete service network and experienced technical staff, can provide customers with satisfactory service within 24 hours, to ensure that customers never worry about the production plan.

The company focuses on the research and development of daily chemical and mask series automation to solve the current customers' labor problems and produce automation equipment that can double production efficiency and reduce labor costs. For a long time, the products have won praises from customers for their quality reliability, operating stability and economical use. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit us. I hope our service can add a deep touch to your brilliant career.

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